Considering the fact that most individuals who struggle with online porn prefer to remain silent about what they’re going through, makes porn addiction one of the most painful, solitary and intricate experiences that any individual could endure.

The videos, books and resources on this site are a representation of the various ways that may lead individuals on the path to healing as well as a cautionary tale for anyone else.

A dramatic, societal-level change in sexual behavior is deeply impacting the human species. One of the catalysts for this change is the Internet. Repeated exposure to heightened stimulus conditions the brain. Studies show that 35-40% of current college-aged students began using the Internet for sex before the age of 10.
— Dr. Patrick Carnes
An unprecedented number of boys of just 11 and 12 years old are calling Australia’s only public phone counseling service for young people, asking for help. They’re worried they have already become addicted to pornography
— The Courier-Mail
There is a growing body of research demonstrating the powerful affect of high-speed porn on the brain. Internet pornography is what’s known as a supernormal stimuli – in other words, rather than providing the brain with the usual reward that visual sexual stimulation can provide, the endless variety and novelty that can be instantaneously enjoyed is a ‘supernormal stimuli’. This stimuli has been called the ‘crack cocaine’ of sex addiction because it can be so powerfully addictive. This means that unlike other forms of sex addiction, which may have roots in childhood trauma, you can become hooked on porn simply because of its easy availability and lack of educational resources about the potential risks.
— Paula Hall UKCP Accredited Sexual & Relationship Psychotherapist
Parents have a responsibility to protect their children from harm. It’s fair to say any reasonable parent would agree with that statement. From bullies to the unfair pressure society puts on our children, parents have to always be on the lookout.

There is one danger, however, that many parents avoid protecting our children from because the subject matter is uncomfortable.

Discussing sex with our children has been the stuff of jokes between parents, stand-up comedians, and embarrassing stories retold at parties. Why? Because it is a hard thing to talk about.

Sex is viewed as an adult activity, and bringing it into the context of our children feels wrong. Despite how we may feel, however, they need to hear it from us or they’ll find the information somewhere else, and what they find will likely not align with how you want your children to view sex.
— Tyler Jacobs Your Brain on Porn
People can become addicted to pornography in much the same way they can become addicted to drugs. For some, porn becomes a way to manage emotional pain. Internet pornography eventually replaces important relationships and commitments. This kind of sexual addiction helps people avoid the vulnerability of real life intimacy. Porn addiction is considered an intimacy disorder. The wide availability of internet porn has made porn addiction even more prevalent and problematic.
— The Ranch Treatment Center
Approximately 90 percent of young men report watching porn videos with some regularity, particularly in the United States. Many of these depict acts that they might never engage in themselves—in other words, erotic fantasies—but that they can access online.

Pornhub, the world’s largest porn website, reports that in 2016, 92 billion videos were viewed by 64 million visitors daily (26 percent of them female), each spending nearly 10 minutes on the site. Although viewing erotica is ubiquitous among males, some men and women regard watching internet porn as pathological and believe that any time spent doing so indicates “porn addiction.”
— Psychology Today
Contrary to widespread misconceptions, porn addicts (like other addicts) engage in addictive behaviors not to have fun and feel good, but to escape from painful emotions and feel less (i.e., to feel that they are in control of their emotions). These are the exact same reasons that people abuse drugs and alcohol, gamble compulsively and engage in other addictive behaviors.
— Sexualrecovery.com
Pornography is the fastest-growing global business, with production companies churning out daily doses of porn flicks in seemingly endless variety. The high-definition 3-D porn wave may also be coming (pun intended). The combination of excessive video game playing and pornography viewing is becoming addictive for a lot of guys.
— Philip Zimbardo Ph.D.


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